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Cuthbert’s then-boyfriend, Ayala, socked Hilton’s beau in response.Ex-Ranger Sean Avery mocks homeless people on Snapchat Cut to 17 hours later, Avery is in the emergency room with Cuthbert while a doctor explains that the hand surgery on Ayala has gone well.He’d been friends with both of them for a while already.

Erin Forest, dining room supervisor at the restaurant, told E! It was the first opportunity for the family to find out that news.Avery also writes in his memoir about a forgettable meeting with Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant, whom he asked to sign a basketball at a west coast gym.“He didn’t even meet my eyes when he said ‘No,’” according to Avery.I really do." But that's not to say Trace doesn't think his bro and Jessica don't make a perfect couple."It is not just her, it is also him when he is with her—it is awesome," he said. She is just a great girl." Sometimes, Trace reveals, they even double date with him and his girlfriend, actress Joanna Garcia, "when we have time." It's nice to see Trace being so supportive of Justin's relationship, especially since JT had his back during his rough break-up with 24 star Elisha Cuthbert by famously putting her on blast in his hit song "What Goes Around...

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